How to manage anger and control yourself

How to manage anger and control yourself

Anger Management and Self Control -A Peaceful Solution For Kenny Rogers, Russell Crowe, and You

We hear a lot about Anger Management these days. There have been some high profile cases in the news lately where a celebrity lost his temper, and lost control — of himself. Texas Rangers’ star pitcher Kenny Rogers displayed an extreme lack of self-control when he shoved two cameraman on the field on June, 30, 2005. Even those around him in the world of sports think he has anger issues. Rangers’ General Manager John Hart was quoted as saying, “Kenny is having anger issues right now.” And KDFW News Director Maria Barrs said, “I think it demonstrated an appalling lack of control. The team doing poorly is no excuse for assaulting a guy who’s just doing his job.” (Quoted from MSNBC article.
Just a couple of weeks earlier, Russell Crowe, the lead actor in the movie Cinderella Man, lost his temper and his self-control when he could not make an international telephone call from his hotel, and threw a telephone at the hotel clerk. He was charged with assault and criminal possession of a weapon.

Some people think these situations are funny, but in reality they are terrible. They are small examples of what can occur when someone is not trained to react appropriately in any situation they find themselves in.

Kenny Rogers and Russell Crowe are not alone. A growing number of adults have out of control responses to the emotions they feel. Frustration and anger, when unchecked, can lead to injury, as in the case of the second cameraman Rogers shoved, or even in death in some cases.

Kenny Rogers, Russell Crowe, and others like them can be helped! The truth is that every situation like this is preventable. No matter how angry a person gets, that anger can be controlled. By training our minds ahead of time, we can all respond appropriately to situations that could otherwise escalate out of control. There is a Peaceful Solution to all of these situations.

What is needed is a simple method of teaching the thought process needed so that the mind will automatically respond appropriately in the face of situations that could escalate from anger to violent, out of control actions. There are many character education programs on the market, but many are religious, many are ineffective, and many are expensive. There is a very inexpensive, non-religious program with proven results that both of these men, and you, can use to train your minds or the minds of your children ahead of time to respond to any situation you are faced with. It is called the Peaceful Solution Character Education Program put out by a non-profit company in Texas. Their website is located at

This program covers anger management and acting on emotions, in addition to many other aspects of character. With the S.T.O.P. (Stop. Think. Options. Proceed.) method that the Peaceful Solution Character Education Program uses, situations like yesterday’s display simply do not occur.

It is time to wake up and take responsibility… not only for our actions and the fallout, as I am sure these men are having to do, but also take the responsibility to prevent these situations in the first place.